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  • Universal 3.5mm Corded Wired Handsfree Headset Earpiece with Microphone for Phone - Green picture 1

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Universal 3.5mm Corded Wired Handsfree Headset Earpiece with Microphone for Phone - Green

Product Details

Technical Parameters and Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 20Hz~20kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 107dB±3dB/100mW
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <=5,(Input Power: 10mW; Frequency Range: 20Hz~20kHz)
  • Available in various colors and designs to meet customer needs.
  • The new packing is compact size and nice looking, and the silver-plated insert paper gives prominence to the product. The handsfree use soft and environmental protection wire instead of the common wire, and the soft silicone rubber in-ear cushion of handsfree is comfort and using convenience.
  • Crystal clear and high quality voice for both talking party, noise cancellation, high-velocity element for excellent stereo effect.

Package Contents

  • One BRAND NEW Green Corded Handsfree Headset Earpiece for most phones including iPhone, iPod, MP3/ MP4 players, CD/DVD, Notebook Laptop Computers, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tablet PCs.
  • Free 2.5mm~3.5mm Adapter included to fit most phone models. 
Please note that the color of the item in the picture may appear different based on the viewer's monitor color range and settings.

Material Plastic
Compatible Model
  • PANTECH: Verse, TXT8045 (Jest 2), TXT8035 (Caper), TXT8040 (Jest), C3B, C120, 
    KYOCERA: E4277 (DuraXT), E4233 (DuraPlus), E4255 (DuraMax), S3015 (Brio), S2300 (Torino/Loft), S1310 (Domino), M1400 (Laylo), M2000 (X-TC), S1300 (Melo), S4000 (Mako), E1000, K312, KX5, K612, K323, 
    CASIO: C781 (G'zOne Ravine 2), C751 (G'zOne Ravine), C741 (Brigade), 
    LG: 501C, VN150 (Revere), UN200 (Saber), VN530 (Octane), VX8370 (Clout), LN240 (Remarq), MN240 (Imprint), UN610 (Mystique), MT310, UN430 (Wine II), VN250 (Cosmos), VX5600 (Accolade), UX220, LX610 (Lotus Elite), LW310 (Helix), UX310, MT375 (Lyric), AX310, LX290, LX370, VX7100 (Glance), VX9200 (enV3), UX265 (Banter), LX265 (Rumor2), LX600 (Lotus), AX565, ENV2 (VX9100), LX260, VX10000, 
    SAMSUNG: U660 (Convoy 2), U750 (Zeal), U460 (Intensity II), R330 (Stride), R100 (Stunt), U640 (Convoy), U450 (Intensity), M550 (Exclaim), R460 (MyShot II), U440 (Gloss), U750 (ALIAS2), i770 (Saga), R550 (Jetset), M540 (Rant), U430, U310 (Knack), R450 (Messager), U470, M500, A970, 
    MOTOROLA: WX430 (Theory), ES400S, WX400 (Rambler), WX415 (Bali), W766 (Entice), VE465, VE240, VU204, VU30, W450 (Active), V750, Q9C, W755, I335, Sidekick Slide, I425, Q9m, W370, V365, V361, V360, 
    SANYO: E4100 (Taho), 3820 (Vero), 6780 (Innuendo), 6760 (Incognito), 3810, 2700, 6750 (Katana Eclipse), Katana LX, S1, 3200, 8500, 9000, 7500, 5600, M1, 8400, 
    CRICKET: A210 (CAPTR II), A300 (MSGM8), 
    PCD: CDM8635, TXT8030 (Razzle), WP8990 (Escapade), TXT8026C (TXTM8), 8975, 8950, 
    HUAWEI: M228, M750, 
    ZTE: C70 (Essenze), C90, C78, 
    NOKIA: 7705 (TWIST), 6750, 6790 (Surge), 
    BLACKBERRY: 8350I (Curve), 8820, 8830, 8100 (Pearl), 
    UTSTARCOM: 8010 (Blitz), 7126M, 7026C, 8630, 8905, 8945, 8932, 
    PALM: Centro, TREO755P, 
    EZ: J88b, 
    AUDIOVOX: 180
Quantity 1
Condition BRAND NEW in package
Main Color Green
Other colors available? Yes (This model is also available in White, Pink, Black, Purple, and Blue.)

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