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Apple iPad 2/ iPad 3 - Anti Fingerprint Clear LCD Screen Protector with Wipe

Product Details

Clean off the dust and dirt on your screen.

Peel and fold the mask backward about an inch away. Make sure the sticky side faces down and does not touch your fingers.

Align the screen protector on top of the screen. Then, gently press down the upper portion of the sticky side, and slowly work your way downwards until the screen protector completely on the LCD screen.

Gently slide the provided installation card over the screen, push out any bubbles towards the nearest edge.

Package Contents

  • One BRAND NEW Anti Fingerprint Clear Screen Protector, Screen Wipe Cloth for Apple iPad 2/ Apple iPad 3 3rd Generation.
Material Clear Plastic Sticker
Compatible Model Apple iPad 2/ Apple iPad 3 3rd Generation
Quantity 1
Condition BRAND NEW in package
Color Clear
Other colors available? No

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